Our decades of experience in following  the trends of  U.S. indices, stocks, commodities, currencies, EFT, and international markets has afforded us the opportunity to track hundreds of  American, Canadian, and Chinese stocks with a predominant focus on  identifying  trend reversals at earlier stage and key point price levels for U.S. indexes and individual stocks like $AAPL, $GOOGL,$FB, $BABA,$TSLA, $NFLX.  On daily bases, we track the trend and direction of currencies (e.g. $USD/CAD,$USD/GBP, $USD/CNY), commodities (e.g., $XAU/USD or #GOLD, $USOIL, natural gas, coffee and sugar). We provide professional, in-depth insight, analysis, trading ideas and information about markets and stocks, based on sentiment, seasonality, technical indicators and market behavior for Institutional and Individual subscribers. Our simple and straight forward  newsletter is easy for our subscriber to read  and see trend's direction as we refrain from handing out piles of data, analyses, and news. Psychologically-speaking, we eliminate all the “noise” from the market for our subscribers.   


We believe that, “A trend doesn't form in one day and that it takes days, weeks, or years to form a trend." Here is how we at Linvest regard trends and time frames:


  • Short-term: A price pattern that forms over (and lasts) between one day and one week and whose reversal usually depends on the number of buyers.

  • Mid-term: A price pattern that forms over (and lasts) between three to six months of consolidation and is ready to go “legs up” or “legs down.”

  • Long-term: A price pattern that forms over (and lasts) between six months and one year of consolidation. In this instance, the longer the base of the term, the higher—and more concrete—its target will be

  • “Buy at the bottom and sell at the top” is not a reality and so, we wait for further confirmation on specifics such as volume and the type of buyer or seller (e.g., institutional or individual.)

  • "Never put all your eggs in one basket": An old adage that is both true and useful, and one which we always keep in mind.

  • Take losses:  Always set up stop loss and trail stop points. We can’t win them all and so, we need to cut losses with a positive attitude and move on to the next trade. Such experiences provide valuable lessons in character and skill.

  • Be patient: When one performs a trade, it is patience and calm that guides one to success.

  • Target and Reversal: A given price may not hit or exceed its target, and so, we must be mindful to never let a potential winner turn into a loser.

  • "Turn $2k into million!": We avoid the lure of false promises such as this as it is a fact that approximately 95% of investors lose their money.

Online workshops with Lin are a must when it comes to sharpening your mind (not to mention your pencils!) and preparing you to conquer the markets with confidence. We emphasize four basic principles of self-esteem:

We are trendy traders.

We are well-educated investors not gamblers.

We cut losses and let profits run.

We are not perfect but nothing will break our inner peace!


Do's and don'ts:


  1. Never borrow money to invest or trade, and never put all your money into one position.
  2. Look at all internal information before you decide in which direction to trade.
  3. Try to set up trades before and after the market opens and closes, know the item, buy stop, buy limit, etc.
  4. Be patient with the open positions
  5. Never put a stop loss at an even number and use different numbers as instructed.
  6. Don’t chase after a stock or option if it is sold or covered.
  7. Don't force a trade when you don't have to.
  8. Stick with the approaches which work for you.
  9. Always take half the size of your position when there is a profit.
  10. Give yourself a reward upon making a good trade. However, if you have made a poor trade, print out a chart of the transaction, mark the mistake, pin it on the wall, and learn from it.
  11. Don’t pray for help or email anyone when a trade goes against you. Get out first and reflect afterwards.
  12. Never fight the trend and act upon what you see, not upon what you hear.

Products & Services


  • Weekly Commentary: published between Sunday and Monday, depending on market circumstances.
  • Trading Ideas: we publish short- and mid-term trading ideas weekly depending on whether or not we have had any such trades during the week.
  • Real-time Support: Available Wednesdays and Thursdays for “Trendy” subscribers.
  • Before and After Hours Service: Available in real-time Monday to Friday for our “Pro” subscribers.

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