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Learn With Lin!





  Online workshop or single-month purchase or single trade discussion
It is very important for subscribers and followers to sharpen your pencils and prepare to conquer the markets.
The workshop we offer is interactive and individual, and offered via online program. By the end of these sessions, you will be able to trade ,more wisely while we continue mentor you.

 Introduction A 1 Entry level  and  B2 Intermediate Level : (2 hours)Risk and reward, charts, trades in general 


Course B: Trend, Gaps, patterns' theories and trading strategies: B 1 Entry level ,

B2 Customized  Intermediate level (2 hours) Longer term invest and swing trades,  set up and exit.

Customized Course C: Commodity trading strategies : Natgas,USOIL,Gold,Sugar,Coffee related sectors and 2X, 3X bull and bear ETF. 
  Course D : Option trading Strategies: : Analysis Price pattern and behavior which impact  price movement  when there is News or earning report . Position set up prior report releases, covered call, spread.
  Customized Course E:  Repair and Recover your losses 

Customized  Course F: Linvestor Spread trades:  long USD Short CAD: Long UGAZ short DGAZ,

  Customized Course G :  Selling Short  when market falls, stock price drops 3 times faster than it rises due to traders' panic reaction. This workshop helps traders learn to realize profits in a bear market or  when a long position against traders.

Trendy Linvestor Subscription Plan




Purchase Term Subscription  

Purchase Monthly Subscription for $350/month*

  1 week FREE commentary services (first-time customers only)
  1-hour online workshop (1st month only with 12-month subscription)
  Customized Research for a long term position ( with 12-month subscription+) e.g. NFLX,TSLA, FB.,AAPL, EGRX
  Bi-weekly commentary, data updated for  2X or 3X ETF once/month ( optional)
  A Mid-term & long-term trading idea ( Stock, ETF or option )
  Linsight© : to the point messages briefly (real-time support at the 1st 2 hours and the last 2 hours of the trading day on Wednesday & Thursday.
  A Real-time data validated and online support during trading hours ( Wednesday & Thursday).
  Morning notes ( when it needs)
  A Company earning report research/month (with minimum 12-month subscription)




Linvestor-Pro Subscription Plan
(limited availability)



Purchase Term Subscription

Purchase Monthly Subscription for $999/month*

    For one of the Market research below:
  A. 3-Trading Ideas includes: Bi-weekly commentary, data updated 2X, 3X ETF 3 times/week. Future data.
  B. Hedge strategy idea and the company earning report research (with minimum 6-month subscription)
  One on one  support 30 minutes once a week or when need ( 6-month subscription+)
  Morning notes ( when it needs)
  Customized Research for longer term position( with 6-month subscription+) e.g. EGRX, TSLA, WB, FB, NFLX
  Linsight© : to the point messages (real-time  data and support during trading hours Mon-Friday) )
  1-hour online workshop (1st month only with minimum 3-month subscription)
  Before & after hours conference call (1 time/per month within 20 minutes only with minimum 6-month subscription)
     Just Do It Plan
     Contact us for  more detail of each the business below:
  1.Business start up: B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B
  2.Customized Project Feasibility Study.
  3.Customized Business Research and customized ideas


* Monthly Trendy and Linvestor-Pro subscriptions will be billed automatically every month until a request for cancellation is received.


All services are not for the recommendation to buy and sell any particular stocks, options,project or businese but to provide information only.




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